Top 10 SAP TCodes that appear most in SAP menu tree

After developing, which is based on SAP ECC 6.0, I tried some ‘search’ activities about SAP transaction codes to kill time at my office (I hope my boss won’t read this blog).

I found some trivia that I’d like to share. As Wikipedia said, trivia is “knowledge that is nice to have but not essential”, you might think it’s silly and not important. It’s fine by me.

I found that several SAP tcodes appear at several nodes of SAP menu tree, for example FBL1N appears 4 times on SAP menu tree:

  1. SAP Menu⇒Accounting⇒Financial Accounting⇒Accounts Payable⇒Account⇒Display/Change Line Items
  2. SAP Menu⇒Accounting⇒Real Estate Management⇒Real estate general contract⇒Postings⇒Vendor menu⇒Account⇒Display/Change Line Items
  3. SAP Menu⇒Accounting⇒Flexible Real Estate Management⇒Accounting⇒Reporting⇒Vendor Line Items
  4. SAP Menu⇒Accounting⇒Flexible Real Estate Management⇒Information System⇒Accounting⇒Vendor Line Items

PA30 tcode, beside at SAP Menu⇒Human Resources⇒Personnel Management⇒Administration⇒HR Master Data⇒Maintain, also appears 34 times at other nodes of SAP menu tree.

So, I run a query on database and found the top 10 SAP transaction codes that appear most in SAP menu tree as follow:

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