What makes SAP better than other ERP software?

According to a research by Panorama Consulting in 2008, SAP is the leader of ERP global market. SAP has 35% market share, while Oracle has 28%, and Microsoft has 14%. What makes SAP better than other ERP software? I think the main reasons are:

  • SAP can adopt various business processes in various industries. SAP can adopt business processes in areas such as: sales, purchasing, inventory management, maintenance, accounting, production planning, Human Resources, etc. It can be applied in various industries such as: manufacturing, retail, oil and gas, banking, service company, telecommunication, etc. Continue reading

What is SAP ERP?

What’s SAP?

SAP AG is a German software company which is known as the market leader in Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software products. Its global market share in ERP software products was estimated as 27.5 percent in 2007, far surpassing the second-ranked competitor (Oracle) at 13.9 percent. Approximately, SAP has 75,000 customers which are various companies that spread in 120 countries.

It’s the largest software company in Europe and the third largest software company in the world after Microsoft and Oracle. Microsoft and Oracle have various software products other than ERP application that SAP don’t.

SAP History

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