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SAP ERP in general

MM Module

Enterprise Structure:

SAP Enterprise Structure – A Case Study:


Release Strategy:

Materials Planning:

Stock Transfer:

MM-FI Modules Integration

FI Module

SD Module

PP Module

SAP General

Simple but Useful SAP Tips

  • Goods Movement: Storage Location authorization object (M_MSEG_LGO)
  • SAP standard reports for Purchasing
  • How to create t-code from SQVI query?
  • Purchase Requisition (PR) mass maintenance
  • Purchase Order (PO) mass maintenance
  • How to close all sap screens quickly?
  • How to save layout on VA05 and SDO1 t-code?
  • SAP t-code for List of customer address
  • SAP T-code for searching SAP t-code or SAP menu

Some Tips and Tricks to tweak your computer, applications, and internet activities, so you can get maximal value added from them.

Windows Tips And Tricks

Yahoo! Messenger Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks

16 thoughts on “TABLE OF CONTENTS

  1. Hi there,
    Some of the posts have links to downloadable materials. They're all free.
    Thanks & Regards,
    SAP Study Materials Team

  2. Can you please suggest that 'SAP Enterprise Structure' ebook will give complete knowledge on those functional areas you mentioned.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I can't guarantee the ebook meets what you refer as complete knowledge, cause I don't know what your expectation is.

    But, like my other articles on this blog, I wrote the e-book in a simple-to-understand way with a case study that can represent the important concept behind it (but it may not include all the possible scenarios because they are seem to be unlimited possibilities, every company has its own scenarios).

    If you have any questions, suggestions, or opinions after reading the e-book, I will be happy to discuss them with you.


  4. Hi Rizki,

    You have done a great job putting together you ebook, plus thank you for making this information available to all.

    T in Tampa…

  5. Hi Rizki,

    this information has been invaluable as I am a non SAP person writing an extraction program from SAP.

    Can you help me with the following?

    I know that EKPO has certain fields like ANFNR & ANFPS that, for example, points you back to the RFQ that started the process.

    Does this also apply to GR & AP docs etc as they are created. When the goods received is done is their an equivalent field updated?

    I know hat EKPO is large but as I don't have access to a SAP machine is it possible to send me a copy of EKPO with fields and descriptions?
    my email is

    regards George

  6. Hi,

    Very good blog. I appreciate all the efforts that the blogger has put to bring many useful information about SAP-ERP, which definitely helps consultants as well as client.

    Thanks again,
    Sangharsh Navada

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