One-stop SAP Reference & Collaboration: All SAP Transaction Codes (Tcodes) Detail

Have you ever found difficulties in remembering or searching a certain SAP transaction code (tcode)? With so many tcodes available in SAP, I bet you have.

There are more than 100,000 tcodes in SAP. It’s impossible for someone to know them all.

SAP has a tcode to search tcodes based on the text of tcode’s name or menu path. The tcode is ‘SEARCH_SAP_MENU‘. But, the search criteria is not flexible, and the search result is not user-friendly presented. It’s much worse if you forget the ‘SEARCH_SAP_MENU’ tcode’s name itself, or if you don’t have the authorization to run that tcode.

If you have proper authorization, you can find list of all SAP tcodes available in TSTC table with SE16 or SE16N tcode. But, usually, the authorization of SE16 & SE16N tcodes are only given to ABAPer or Admin.

To help those who have the problem in remembering and searching for SAP transaction codes, I have developed a website at I hope the website’s URL is easy to remember. But, if you feel you will forget it later, please bookmark it now.

On that website, you can search any SAP tcodes without the need to login into SAP system as I have stored the data online. What makes me sure that this website can help you are:

  • It’s fast, because it retrieves the data that I have stored online on the server, not connected to any SAP system.
  • You can search the tcodes based on SAP modules. I have categorized the tcodes based on its modules.
  • The search criteria can be based on tcode’s name, tcode’s description, and tcode’s program.
  • The search can be filtered, with “contains”, “begin with”, “ends with”, and “equals”, to a search term. You can also use ‘%’ as wild card.
  • The search results are presented in a neat table. You can choose how many tcodes (row of the tables) are shown in a search result page. The rest of them will be shown in the next pages. You can navigate to ‘next’ or ‘previous’ page.
  • When you click a tcode name on the search result, you will be redirected to the tcode’s details page. We have more than 100,000 pages of tcode’s details, each page for each tcode.
  • You can find the SAP menu paths (that are user-friendly) for the tcode in the tcode’s details page. If the tcode can be accessed from several SAP menu paths, all of the menu paths are shown there.
  • The best part is: in the tcode’s details page you can find additional information and links about the tcode, which you can’t find on any SAP System.

Where do the additional infromation and links of the tcodes come from?

They come from the contribution of our website’s members. Any of you can register and submit any information and URL links about any SAP transaction codes.

I know that I only know a very small number of the tcodes that available in SAP, so I alone can’t provide additional information/links of all tcodes. I know many of you have more knowledge and experience in many tcodes than me.

I have developed the script of this website so you can contribute here. I kindly ask all of you to collaborate on this website by submitting any additional information (the use, explanation, how to use the tcodes, etc) and links (no-spam) of any tcodes you know.

By collaborating here, you can help others who may need the information about a certain tcode. But, that’s not all, for each collaboration (additional information/links) you’ve submitted, you will get a point (from 1 to 5, based on its length, accuracy, and quality).

At anytime, by logging in, you can see how many points that you’ve collected. At anytime, the top 5 collaborator’s name (and his/her own website/URL that he/she filled on his/her profile) will be shown at all pages of this website. It means his/her name and website (which can be his blog, LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile/page, Twitter page, etc) are shown at more than 100,000 pages. It can boost his/her profile and his/her website visitors and SEO score.

In addition, for a limited time, I also give one of my e-books for free for the members that have reached 50 points. The books has been sold for hundreds of copies.

It’s very easy. It’s very kind of you to help others. Go, start submitting additional information/links about any tcodes at and collecting your points.

One last thing, if you want to get the updates when someone submit additional information/link about a tcode at this website, you can subscribe at

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