The complete list of SAP T-codes and SAP Tables

The complete list of SAP T-codes and SAP Tables

We have just launched where you can search any SAP Transaction Codes (T-Codes) and SAP tables. With this website, we invite everyone to share their knowledge and experience about SAP ERP software. We hope together we can help people to learn SAP better.

SAP, AG is a Germany software company. Its main product, SAP ERP software (formerly known as SAP R/3) is the market leader of Enterprise Resources Planning / ERP system in the world, beats Oracle, Microsoft, and other ERP vendors. Approximately, SAP has 75,000 customers which are various companies that spread in 120 countries.

SAP ERP software is one of the enterprise applications in SAP Business Suite product. The others are SAP Customer Relationship Management/CRM, SAP Product Life Cycle Management/PLM, SAP Supply Chain Management/SCM, and SAP Supplier Relationship Management/SRM. SAP also has some other products such as SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, etc.

With so many great products and customers of SAP, there are so many people who want to learn how to use and implement it on their SAP jobs.

In our experience, we found very limited resources about SAP ERP T-codes (Transaction Codes) and SAP tables. So, we start developing this website by providing the complete list of:

You can search any SAP T-codes and or SAP Tables based on some criterias such as the name and the description of them.

With so many t-codes and tables exist in SAP ERP system, we believe that there’s no one in this world (even in SAP company) that know everything about all of them. Fortunately, we only need to know and master a small portion of them to get our job or project done.

So, we invite everyone to share anything about any t-codes and tables they know well. You can submit additional information and URL Links about any t-codes and tables. Go find and contribute by sharing your knowledge about your favorite SAP t-codes or SAP tables.

Contributing Advantages

By submitting the additional information and url links about any SAP T-codes/tables, you help others who might be searching or learning about them. Besides, you also will earn points by doing that. We will credit a point (in a range of 1-5) for every additional information or url link you submit based on their quality. The points can be exchanged with various bonus that we provide at particular period. Currently, we offer one of our SAP Study Materials pdf books for free to the first 25 contributors who earn 100 points.

For the top 5 contributors at any point of time, we will show their names and their personal URLs (if they have one) at every T-codes/table details page at (it means at more than 380,000 URLs/pages). The URLs can be your website, blog, LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile/page, Twitter account, etc.

It’s very easy, go start collecting your points.

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