Message No. M7001 – Check table 169P: Entry xxxx does not exist

Have you ever see the following error when you’re just implemented a new company code?


SAP error message No. M7 001 – Check table 169P: Entry (company code) does not exist will appear when you try to perform Goods Receipt in a plant which its corresponding company code has not been maintained in Logistic Invoice Verification configuration.

To maintain it you can use OMRG or S_ALR_87001785 tcodes in SAP SPRO IMG menu path.


Click the “New Entries” button to maintain the Logistic Invoice Verification – Stochastic Block for the mention company code.



If your company don’t want to activate the Logistic Invoice Verification – Stochastic Block, then fill only company code field and leave the other fields (Threshold value and Percentage) blank.

If you want to activate it, you can use OMRF or S_ALR_87001773 tcode.

From SAP Help:

Set Stochastic Block

In this step, you determine for each company code the degree of probability that an invoice will be stochastically blocked.

The degree of probability depends on the invoice value; if it is the same or larger than the threshold value, the degree of probability is the same as the percentage. If the invoice value is smaller, the degree of probability is calculated in proportion to the threshold value.


Threshold value: 3000 percentage: 60

Invoice value Degree of probability of a block
3000 60 %
5000 60 %
1500 30 % (= 60 * 1500/3000)
100 2 % (= 60 * 100/3000)

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