PR Release Procedure: Edit Characteristics (A case study Part 2)

For most SAP MM end-users or SAP MM learners, Purchase Requisition (PR) release strategy is a ‘black box’ process. Many of them don’t understand that topic and get frustrated because there is no good documentation about it.

This book explains the basic concept of PR Release Strategy and step by step guide how to configure it on SAP ERP system. To make it more understandable, it is supplied with a case study and  the screen shots of each configuration step.

The book is written in a simple-to-understand way, so anyone can learn it easily. You don’t need to have extensive SAP configuration skill or experience to be able to configure it.

In addition, the book also contains extra section which explains in details about purchasing process (procurement cycle) in SAP ERP. It explains Determination of Requirements (SAP PR document in details), Determination of Source of Supply, Vendor Selection, Purchase Order (PO) Processing, and PO Monitoring processes.

Table of contents of the book:
Chapter 1 – Purchase Requisition (PR) Release Strategy – Basic Concept
Chapter 2 – Step by step guide to configure SAP PR Release Strategy

  • 2.1 Case study scenario
  • 2.2 PR Release Strategies Matrix
  • 2.3 Prerequisites
  • 2.4 SAP PR Release Strategy configuration
    • 2.4.1 – Edit characteristics
    • 2.4.2 Step 2 – Edit Classes
    • 2.4.3 – Set Up Procedure with Classification
      • Set Up Procedure with Classification – Define Release Group
      • – Set Up Procedure with Classification – Define Release Code
      • – Set Up Procedure with Classification – Define Release Indicator
      • Set Up Procedure with Classification – Define Release Strategy

Extra Contents

  • SAP MM Purchasing Process
  • Determination of Requirements
  • Determination of the source of supply
  • Vendor Selection
  • Purchase Order (PO) Processing
  • Purchase Order Monitoring

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