SAP FICO minimal configuration for MM posting

UPDATED: For all this time we have sold a collection of video trainings. May be some of you have been purchased it from us for USD 55 price. We have gotten some positive testimonials from our customers. But, today, with the spirit of knowledge sharing (along with our SAP Forum launching) we announce that we will give them for free for everyone. You could read this article to know more about this.

There are many SAP Material Management (MM) learners who face the problem in their MM configuration learning process that they can’t post any MM document, even if their MM configuration has been done correctly. It is because they have lack of knowledge in configuring Financial & Controlling (FICO) module as they have never learned it specifically. It can be very frustrating to solve that problem. These video collections give a clear step-by-step SAP FICO configuration in order to allow MM posting, so you can learn it very easily. The videos show SAP IMG Help for every step, so you can know exactly what it’s all about.

These step-by-step processes include:

  • Create company code
  • Create chart of account
  • Maintain fiscal year
  • Open & close posting period
  • Define Account Group
  • G/L account creation (including step-by-step LSMW recording for G/L Account creation)
  • Maintain Document number range
  • Financial Statement version
  • Maintain Field Status Variants
  • Check calculation procedure
  • and more…

You can’t find these valuable videos somewhere else at this price. They only cost 55 USD (Fifty Five US Dollars). There are no shipping cost, we will send them by email or give the download links to you. All videos are in “.avi” format and we will provide video codec so we can make sure you can watch it.
You can download a sample video here (New).

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