Free online SAP IDES ECC 6.0 Access

A few days ago, I’ve found a very interesting URL link. I am sure it will be very useful for SAP learners, so I would like to share it with all of you. The link will take you to an SAP IDES login page. With a certain user id and password (and they’re free), you can access an SAP IDES client and can do whatever the administrator gives you the authorization for. As far as I try, I can perform transactions, maintain master data, configuration (SPRO) on that client. It really helps to learn SAP on IDES system. If you don’t have your own SAP IDES system, you will like this link.

The owner of this SAP IDES system is Consolut, a consulting company. It’s an SAP Services Partner which located in Germany and Switzerland. It has about 180 clients.

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To get an access to the Consolut’s SAP IDES system you can perform these steps:

(disclaimer: these steps are valid at the time I write this post, and may be changed by Consolut at any time they want)
  • If you don’t have a user id, you can request one by doing these steps:
    • Go to
    • It will redirect you to
    • Fill the form on that page like the below image

      The above image is © SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved
    • Click the “execute” button on the above form, then it will show an information window like the below image.

      The above image is © SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved
    • Click the OK button. You will receive an email that tells you that your request will be processed within 2 business days. But, from my experience, they will process it on the same day.
    • After the registering process, you will receive an email that tells your User ID. You need to request the password daily, because they will change it every day at 00:01 AM CET (I think it’s not a big deal for the free access they give us).
  • If you’ve already had a user ID, you need to request the password daily by doing these following steps:
    • Go to
    • It will redirect you to
    • Fill the form on that page like the below image.

      The above image is © SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved
    • You will receive an email that inform the password which can be used until 12:00 PM CET.
    • Go to
    • It will redirect you to
    • Fill your user ID and password on the below form.

      The above image is © SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved
    • Click “Log On” button. Then you can do whatever you want on the SAP IDES system. Be responsible there, we don’t want they close the free access because someone messes up with their system.

If you have any other links that provide free online SAP IDES access please share them with us.
Please also share your experience in using those services.
Have a nice learning process.

113 thoughts on “Free online SAP IDES ECC 6.0 Access

  1. Its very nice, but in the system we are not able to create or change or activate ABAP reports, can u give any suggestion on this ?
    Prashant N.

  2. I came to this site today (Sunday 6th Feb 2011) and got login details 2 hours! Wonderful in deed. I have installed the front-end GUI . Where can I get the server parameters?

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    • Hi team

      I am getting the below king of message while i am using IDES 800 clinet.
      “You are not authorized to make changes
      authorization object S_DEVELOP”

      Could you please give me the solution..


    • I am using the SAP IDES Access, SAP Online Access. i need to right from administration. how i can reach to there.

      plz help me…

      Thanks & Regards

  4. Dear Friend,
    thank for your help, but after using passward for just one day it expires on another day.while trying to send request for new passward i got this error :

    Error Code: ICF-IE-http -c: 500 -u: IDES -l: E -s: I62 -i: TALOS_I62_09 -w: 0 -d: 20110226 -t: 061943 -v: ERROR_MESSAGE_STATE -e: Log on with a dialog user -X: -x:
    what should i do now???

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the valuable information.

    I got the USER-Id & Password and was able to access the ABAP-Practice server also, but if now I am requesting for the server password again and entering the USERID provided ,It's showing
    "The userid is invalid".

    Kindly help as how to resolve this problem,


  6. can anyone please help me to work on sd module ,i am fresher just now i have completed my course , i need to get pratical experiece knowlege, is this will helpfull for sd module to work if not please help if any other


  7. Hey guys it looks like it's not working properly.
    Why because I've used this server for first 2 days it was working good. Now from the third day, the password is not getting reset and I am getting the same password from 5-6 days due to which I am unable to log-on. I think CONSOLUT is not supporting anymore. If there is any other problem then people help me in solving it.

    Thank You!

  8. Hi Mudit,
    I went to the systems FAQs, it says the below:
    Q5: Why can’t I create ABAP programs?

    A5: We tried to open the system even for ABAP development. Unfortunately, the system got crashed in less than 4 weeks. Therefore, it will not be possible to allow ABAP Development or client independent customizing again. We are sorry for that, but some of you misused the system and we therefore cannot open it again for this purpose.
    Hope this will resolve your problem/cannot be resolved.
    But the systems is very good to use.

  9. I Get oder IDE's but you have to download the GUI––

    I have a mission: Find the IP of the SAP server to extract data with a tool that i'am testing.

    Could you help me please?? if it could be today 10/05/2011.. thanks

  10. its an awesome post….i just completed the formalities waiting for the login details….if its continued will be great..!

    frnds will stick to the .."Be responsible there, we don't want they close the free access because someone messes up with their system.

  11. Dear moderator and dear all guys

    I am playing with Consolut IDES from some months, but I cannot use PPM Project Portfolio Management, only cProjects and cFolders.
    They are great and I'm infinitely grateful to them, but I must practice my expertise in PPM too.
    Can anyone tell me if there is another, IDES or not, system where can I exercise me in PPM?
    Thanks a lot in advance

  12. can anyone please share the userid and password to work on ides as I am getting an error while trying to create a login id and password.

    Thanks in Advance


  13. Hi All,

    Would anyone please share his/her userid and password to work & practise on ides as I am unable to get & getting an error as well while trying to create a login id and password.

    I will a help to me.

    Thanks & Best Regards

  14. Hi,

    I am new to SAP and can't seem to execute a project. I have generated the IMG for it and I see it on the list of projects, but I cannot seem to add it when I go to "Execute Projects." Some help would be greatly appreciated.


  15. Hi,

    I have been trying to get the password reset but that's not happening. Kindly help me in accessing this online IDES since I am new for this portal.

    Prerna Garg

  16. Hi , I am learning SAP BASIS, how to get access and authorization for BASIS transactions as they have not mentioned Basis module in the form, can anyone help me here

  17. Guys , can any one tell how long it ll take to generate a new password , i am waiting for more than one hour , still i didnt receive my mail ..
    can any one help me please…..

  18. Thanks for the information. This is a great resource to have. Please keep me posted on other helpful resources and I will do the same.

  19. hi, thanks for your information.
    I tried this link, but i dont able
    access spro and dont able to create
    order and dilevery.i know the procedure
    but i didnt wrk so plse any body tell me how i create
    a sales order for the same customer and material
    which is created byme. thanks

  20. Dear All;
    i am using the IDES system which I downloaded from the marketplace.
    how can i know if the IDES system which i am using includes SAP Best Practices? if the answer is no, and it turned out that i do not have best practices, then how can include them in my IDES?

    Best Regards
    ~Amal Aloun

  21. Free service is really good..But it is very slow. May be to do with my location..But thanks for this free service.

  22. Hi,
    I am creating a Webdynpro application in object navigator (SE80). I am facing a problem in creating that application.
    The problem is when in layout tab i have to copy component controller context nodes to view controller context node. so it is not showing the nodes created under component controller context node.So unable to create binding of nodes.Please help me.

    Abhinav Goel.

  23. Hi, looks like the site has discontinued issuing free userid and pwds.. can anyone help?? anyother site or way to get the userid and pwd details.. kindly help

    • hi ..I just followed the link given above just yesterday and now I already have my log in i suggest you do the same maybe you might be lucky and get the log in details just like me.

  24. hello friends…has anyone doing SAP FI used this site to attain experience? if so please help me with the materials you are using because from my understanding we need to be using idustry related scenarios…..please help me out on this as soon as possible…on …

  25. Hi, I have raised a request for free SAP GUI on 19/05/2012. But not yet solved out. Please look into, its very urgent. Thanks likitha

  26. how can i practice sap basis using in this ides ,am login to the ide but am not able to use tcodes can any one suggest me how to use this for basis

  27. The request was sent to above mentioned link but they are saying that ” currently no seats are availble so we cant able to provide access ” Plz guide me some other link.

  28. This illegal unlicensed IDES system has been issued a DMCA Takedown Notice and is in violation of European Union law set forth in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998 and the Electronic Commerce Directive 2000.

    Your attempts to request a username and password is logged internally in this IDES system and once the court orders confiscation of the server that this sytem runs on you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for willful subjacation of copyrighted materials.


  29. I am not able to create anything in se38 , its throwing msg ” Not Authorised”,
    can anybody help me regarding this…….

  30. Hi ,
    Thanks a lot.
    Its very helpful for SAP consultants who do not have SAP IDES.

    really that’s a great job…..Keep Sharing the useful information.

  31. I think you need to look at your blog from firefox, it is
    got an exceptionally strange layout on my end.
    I changed to Internet explorer and it’s coming up fine…. On the other web browser, it’s sort of deformed and the text is tiny, tiny, tiny.

    Just thought you should know. Good article!

  32. Hi,

    Thank you very much for such a great tool, it really helps people to learn SAP.
    I’ve tried to start customizing, (client 800) but unfortunately, I haven’t got authorization for any customizing activity. Do you know whether I should use a different client for customizing tasks?
    Thank you very much in advance for your help!
    Best regards
    D. L.

  33. hi,

    i have three questions and would be grateful if i couldhelp in this. can i get the sap ideas on my desktop or i always hae to go through the net? can i get the logon on my desktop?

    2. my interest is in the mm, abap and slightly fi module, however i cannot teach myself as i do not have all t-codes and the reasons. could someone help me with a mm sap manual, or readiing to be able to get all info that i may require and abap?

    3. how do u know you are configuring the right thing and all tables are supposed to be the way they are.

    kindly if anyone has any sap manuals on mm, fi and abap kinldy assist.


  34. Is there anyone who provide services to maintain IDES system in the market at reasonable rates affordable for individuals? The maintenance might include data base connectivity, trouble shooting etc, If they also provide premium services like patch update, application of SAP Notes etc they must be great for these individuals.

    Let me know whether anyone provide these services.


  35. I have done all settings mentioned above and I am able to login and open the screen in SAP system. But I am not able to do any kind of configuration in this IDES server(Ex: When I enter XD01 for create new customer, the system is getting stucked and XD01 screen is not getting opoened) please suggest how to Do configuration in SAP system

  36. Thanks for sharing this info, Rizki. I also stumbled upon Ivobe (http://www.ivobe) which offers a free trial to access their remote SAP IDES server. If you like their service, you can avail it for a low-cost monthly subscription fee starting at $39/month. Hope it helps!

  37. while sending a request for a new user, its asking for company name, i am student learning SAP SD , for my practice purpose i want SAP server access, anyone plz help me how to send request

  38. Yes the service has been suspended due to licensing issues. This was a super service and certainly helped me in my research.

    SAP now offer a similar service but it will set you back a couple of grand a year and more if you do ABAP. There are other much cheaper services available but I suspect SAP will also be finding licensing issues with those as well.

    Either way, many thanks to CONSOLOT for all your efforts.

  39. My business partners needed to fill out TX DL-14A some time ago and were informed of a great service that has a lot of sample forms . If you are interested in TX DL-14A too , here’s

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