FI Configuration-03: Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts

In the previous article we have created company code and chart of accounts. The next thing we have to do is to assign company code to chart of accounts. Each company code must have one chart of accounts (COA) for its general ledger (you can read our article to know about company code and how to create it). The COA must be assigned to the company code. A COA can be assigned to several company codes which means that these company code’s general ledgers have the same structure.

We can Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts with “OB62” T-code or through “SPRO” T-code menu: Financial Accounting – General Ledger Accounting – G/L Accounts – Master Records – Preparations – Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts.
You can download the video training of how to create Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts here. In that video we also change the “Type of integration between G/L accounts and cost elements “of the Chart of Accounts that we have defined before at this article from “Cost elements maintained automatically “ to “Cost elements maintained manually”.

In the next article we will explain how to Define Account Group, so stay visiting us. You could get the latest update of this blog by subscribing here.

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