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There are so many books about SAP that available on the market. Most of them are well-written by SAP professionals. I am sure the author have done a great effort to write the books. Thanks to them so we can learn SAP ERP through their books.

Before you buy an SAP book, you must wondering whether the contents of the book meet your expectation or not. If you buy a book at an offline store, you might have a speed reading on the book before you buy it. But, if you buy the book at online store, it’s impossible to do that. You need to gather information about the book. Usually, the author has written a summary of the books. An online store also usually provides the reviews of the books from the reader who have bought it. The reviews can be positive or negative, depends on the quality of the books. You can use the reviews as a base to decide whether you should buy it or not.

I have collected several SAP books that available on (the largest online book retailer) at a new SAP Bookstore blog. You can read the description and reviews of the books there. With this blog, I hope I can help you to find the books you need easier than search directly on website, because I have categorized them based on the SAP modules/applications.

If you buy the books from the link on this website, I will get small amount affiliate fees (4%-7% of the book price). It does not mean that the price here is higher than amazon site. It’s exactly the same price as at store. It’s just a revenue sharing from to website that promotes their books.

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