A Beginners Guide to the Production Planning Cycle

a guest post by Pandhre

This article would help beginners get an overall basic picture of the entire PP cycle.

Before I start, I would like to mention that I have just started learning the finer nuances of SAP PP ( I am basically an SAP ABAPer with good MM module knowledge ). So if some PP experts don’t agree with the contents of the article, I would really appreciate if they come forward and guide us in the proper direction. As I mentioned, my only aim to write this article is to help people get a basic knowledge of the PP cycle.

So here we go….

The overall PP cycle follows the following pattern:

  1. Sales and Operations Planning
  2. Demand Management Program.
  3. MPS
  4. MRP
  5. Production Control
  6. Settlement.

1) Sales and Operations planning.

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