SAP SD-MM Purchasing Relationship

For the one who had known SAP MM Purchasing before he learned SAP SD module (or the opposite), he might see that there are similiraties between these two modules. What I said is about the business process flow. A business transaction or document in one module in a company may trigger a business transaction or document in other module in other company.

For example: a company ‘A’ which uses SAP MM module and and company ‘B’ which uses SAP SD module have a business transaction.

SAP SD business process

In the previous article we have explained about the relationship between SAP SD module with SAP FICO, MM, PP, and WM modules.In this article we will explain more about the general business processes covered by SD and other related modules, which are:
  • Pre-sales activities
    When a client (existing customer or new customer) asks or requests information (can be through a phone call, an email, or a Request For Quotation (RFQ) document) about the products or services he needs, the sales personnel can input that request into SAP SD module by creating an Inquiry document.In SD module, an Inquiry is an internal document that records the information about request from prospective customer for internal use only. In an inquiry, we record some information such as: which customer that request information, what products or services customer needs, how many products or services customer needs, etc. By creating inquiry, we can reduce the sales opportunity lost, especially when we need some extra time or procedures before we can reply the customer request. Continue reading

SAP SD module Introduction: The relationship with FICO, MM, PP, and WM modules

Sales & Distribution (SD) is one of the core and most-used modules of SAP R/3 products beside Financial & Controlling (FICO), Material Management (MM), and Production Planning (PP) modules.

The main areas covered by SD module are:

  • Pre-sales activities, including Inquiry and Quotation creation.
  • Sales Order processing, including Sales Order (SO) creation.
  • Shipping, including Outbound Delivery document creation.
  • Billing, including Billing document and invoice creation.

The relationship between SD and MM, FI, PP, and WM modules

SD module is closely related and has integration with other modules, such as FI, MM, PP, and Warehouse Management (WM).

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