PR Release Procedure: Edit Characteristics (A case study Part 2)

For most SAP MM end-users or SAP MM learners, Purchase Requisition (PR) release strategy is a ‘black box’ process. Many of them don’t understand that topic and get frustrated because there is no good documentation about it.

This book explains the basic concept of PR Release Strategy and step by step guide how to configure it on SAP ERP system. To make it more understandable, it is supplied with a case study and  the screen shots of each configuration step.

The book is written in a simple-to-understand way, so anyone can learn it easily. You don’t need to have extensive SAP configuration skill or experience to be able to configure it.

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PR Release Procedure: PR Release Strategy Matrix (A case study Part 1)

You should read this post (PR Release Strategy Basic Concept) before reading the following article.


A company has four plants (A000, B000, C000, and D000). Each plant has a stock controller and plant manager. Each plant produces specific sub-assembly and products, and they can be transferred from one plant to another. A000 also acts as the Head Office where Asset Manager and Operational Director perform their tasks.

All PRs created need to be released/approved by specific person according to the following conditions:

  1. Because usually they create a Stock transfer request/STR (PR with item category “U: Stock Transfer”) that contains a lot of items, they decide that STR needs to be approved by its supplying-plant stock-controller with “overall PR” procedure (header level).
    To make this procedure runs well, the company has an internal policy that an STR can contain only items with same supplying plant. If someone needs STR from two supplying plant, he/she must create two different PR. They also have created a PR document type that specific for STR. That document type only allows “U: Stock Transfer” item category. Continue reading