What makes SAP better than other ERP software?

According to a research by Panorama Consulting in 2008, SAP is the leader of ERP global market. SAP has 35% market share, while Oracle has 28%, and Microsoft has 14%. What makes SAP better than other ERP software? I think the main reasons are:

  • SAP can adopt various business processes in various industries. SAP can adopt business processes in areas such as: sales, purchasing, inventory management, maintenance, accounting, production planning, Human Resources, etc. It can be applied in various industries such as: manufacturing, retail, oil and gas, banking, service company, telecommunication, etc. Continue reading

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning. ERP system was originally used in manufacturing company as it has a complicated business processes. Today, ERP system has been applied in various companies, such as manufacturing, retail, oil and gas, banking, telecommunication, and many more.

ERP software system has an objective to integrate all of the business data and process so it can be managed in most effective and efficient way. It reduces the redundant data and process by making all data from various business processes in a company can be accessed by all departments of that company (of course, with an appropriate authorization according to that company’s policy). By doing so, a data only needs to be entered once by a department that triggers it in its business process, and then it can be used by other departments according to their business process needs.

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