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101FMCYRESETReset budget data (preparation)
102FMCYTEXTCopy Budget Text
103FMD7FM: Change Supplement Budget Plan
⇒Program: SAPMKBUD
104FMD8FM: Display Supplement Budget Plan
⇒Program: SAPMKBUD
105FMDAFM: Change Budget Plan
⇒Program: SAPMKBUD
106FMDBFM: Display Budget Plan
⇒Program: SAPMKBUD
107FMDIFM Loc. Auth.: Copy Budget Version
⇒Program: BPCOPY01
108FMDO1FM: Revaluate Original Budget
⇒Program: RFFMCPY2
109FMDVFM: Residual Budget Data Transfer
⇒Program: RFFMBI61
110FMDZFM: Budget Planning Data Transfer
⇒Program: RFFMBI21
111FMEDDWDrilldown for Budget Entry Documents
1. Information Systems
112FMFGBUTYPEBudget Type attributes
113FMFG_E_BR1Statement of Budgetary Resources
114FMFG_E_CFbudget carry forward with subtypes
115FMFG_E_RELRelease Budget
116FMG1Create Budget Structure Template
⇒Program: SAPLFM3G
117FMG2Change Budget Structure Template
⇒Program: SAPLFM3G
118FMG3Display Budget Structure Template
⇒Program: SAPLFM3G
119FMG4Delete Budget Structure Template
⇒Program: SAPLFM3G
120FMHVBudget Memo Texts
⇒Program: SAPLFMCK
121FMIBPosting Line-Based Budget Increase
⇒Program: RFFMUD01
122FMICGenerate Additional Budget Incr.Data
⇒Program: RFFMUD11
123FMIKCopy Rules for Revs Incr. the Budget
⇒Program: RFFMKT12
124FMILDelete Rules for Revs Incr. Budget
⇒Program: RFFMKT22
125FMISDisplay Rules for Revs.Incr.Budget
⇒Program: SAPLFMAB
126FMIUMaintain Rules for Revs.Incr.Budget
⇒Program: SAPLFMAB
127FMJABudget Year-End Closing: Prepare
⇒Program: BPINDX05
128FMJBBudget Year-End Closing: Determine
⇒Program: RFFMCF25
129FMJCBudget Year-End Closing: Carry Fwd
⇒Program: RFFMCF30
130FMJDReverse Fiscal Year Close: Budget
⇒Program: RFFMCFRB
131FMJMMaintain residual budget application
⇒Program: SAPMFM10
132FMJNDisplay residual budget application
⇒Program: SAPMFM10
133FMJOMaintain residual budget approval
⇒Program: SAPMFM10
134FMJPDisplay residual budget approval
⇒Program: SAPMFM10
135FMKFR01Display budget data
⇒Program: FMKF_REPORT01
1. Information Systems
136FMKO_RFFMKHPLBudget plan
⇒Program: RFFMKHPL
1. Information Systems
137FMMPCOVRCarry over residual budget
138FMMPCOVR_BTCarry over residual budget
139FMMPPCLOPre-close: Transfer Residual Budget
140FMMPRBBIncrease Budget from Revenues
⇒Program: RFFMMP_RBB
141FMMPROLLUPRollup budget
142FMMPSTATGenerate Statistical Budget Data
143FMMPTRAN_BTTransfer to consumable budget type
144FMNBCBA Budget Objects
⇒Program: RFFMSN81
145FMNIIntegration with the Budget
⇒Program: RFFMSN31
146FMNMBudget Transfer in CBA
⇒Program: RFFMSN11
147FMOPEROpen Budgeting Periods
148FMP2Delete Financial Budget Version
⇒Program: SAPMKBUD
149FMPEPMultiple Budget Entry
150FMRBDERIRODerive RIB Object From Budget Addr.
151FMRP_3FMB4001Annual Budget1. Information Systems
152FMRP_3FMB4002Overall Budget1. Information Systems
153FMRP_3FMB4003Budget: Period Display1. Information Systems
154FMRP_3FMB4004Assigned Funds (Annual Budget)1. Information Systems
155FMRP_3FMB4005Assigned Funds (Overall Budget)1. Information Systems
156FMRP_RFFMAV01XAnnual Budget
⇒Program: RFFMAV01X
1. Information Systems
157FMRP_RFFMAV02XOverall Budget
⇒Program: RFFMAV02X
1. Information Systems
158FMRP_RFFMAV03XBudget Deficits with Expenditures
⇒Program: RFFMAV03X
1. Information Systems
159FMRP_RFFMAV04XBudget Deficits for Revenues
⇒Program: RFFMAV04X
1. Information Systems
160FMRP_RFFMCE31Rules f. Revenues Increasing Budget
⇒Program: RFFMCE31
1. Information Systems
161FMRP_RFFMEP1BXAnnual Budget
⇒Program: RFFMEP1BX
1. Information Systems
162FMRP_RFFMEP2BXOverall Budget
⇒Program: RFFMEP2BX
1. Information Systems
163FMRP_RFFMEP3GXYear-End Clsg: Preselected Budget
⇒Program: RFFMEP3GX
1. Information Systems
164FMRP_RFFMTO50Annual Budget: List
⇒Program: RFFMTO50
1. Information Systems
165FMRP_RW_BUDCONBudget Consumption Report1. Information Systems
166FMRP_RW_BUDGETBudget Report1. Information Systems
167FMRP_RW_BUDVERBudget Version Comparison1. Information Systems
168FMRP_RW_COVRGRPBudget Consumption in Cover Groups1. Information Systems
169FMRP_RW_EFFYEARBudget Overview by Year of Cash Eff.1. Information Systems
170FMRWBudget Entry Documents
⇒Program: RFFMEP3B
171FMRYAnnual budget
⇒Program: RFFMEP1BX
172FMRZOverall Budget
⇒Program: RFFMEP2BX
173FMTEXTBudget Text Organizer
174FMTRFM budgetary ledger trace
⇒Program: RFFMBLTR
175FMYC_CFBCOMClosing Operations: Cmmt Budget (CB)
176FMYC_CFPCOMClosing Ops: Residual Commt Budget
177FMYC_CFPPAYClosing Ops: Residual Payment Budget
178FPB_MYB_CONFSet up BP for MSS (myBudget)
179FR50Enter Original Budget
⇒Program: RFFMISPS
180FR54Distribute Original Budget
⇒Program: RFFMISPS
181FR61Park Original Budget
⇒Program: RFFMISPS
182FR65Park Original Budget Distribution
⇒Program: RFFMISPS
183FR81Loc.Auth.: Budget Reduction
⇒Program: RFFMISPS
184FR86Loc.Auth.: Enter Residual Budget
⇒Program: RFFMISPS
185FR87Distribute Budget Types with Release
⇒Program: RFFMISPS
186FR90Loc.auth: Distribute budget types
⇒Program: RFFMISPS
187FRH1Loc.Auth.: Enter Budget Release
⇒Program: SAPLKBPH
188GMBDGTOVIEWGM Budget Overview
189GMBDGTOVIEWDGM Budget Overview Direct
190GMMPRBBIncrease Budget from Revenues
⇒Program: RFGMMP_RBB
191GM_BDGT_DELDelete GM Budget Documents
192GM_BDGT_DOC_TYPEBudget Document Types
193GM_BDGT_REASON_CODESPlan/Budget Reason Codes
194GM_BDGT_RELEASEGM Budgeting Release Process
195GM_BDGT_TRANSFER_FMBudget Transfer to Funds Management
196GM_BDGT_VERSIONPlan/Budget Versions
197GM_CREATE_BUDGETCreate GM Budget Entry Document
198GM_DISPLAY_BUDGETDisplay GM Budget Entry Document
199GM_E_4GBAOverall Budget vs. Commitment/Actual
200GM_MODIFY_BUDGETModify GM Budget Entry Document
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