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1BPACCLine derivation budgeting documents
2BPACCRAcc Derivation Budget Entry Document
3CJ30Change Project Original Budget
⇒Program: SAPMKBUD
1. PS - Project System
2. IM - Investment Management
4CJ31Display Project Original Budget
⇒Program: SAPMKBUD
1. PS - Project System
2. IM - Investment Management
5CJ34Project Budget Transfer
⇒Program: SAPMKBUA
1. PS - Project System
2. IM - Investment Management
6CJ35Budget Return from Project
⇒Program: SAPMKBUA
1. PS - Project System
2. IM - Investment Management
7CJ36Budget Supplement to Project
⇒Program: SAPMKBUA
1. PS - Project System
2. IM - Investment Management
8CJ37Budget Supplement in Project
⇒Program: SAPMKBUD
1. PS - Project System
2. IM - Investment Management
9CJ38Budget Return in Project
⇒Program: SAPMKBUD
1. PS - Project System
2. IM - Investment Management
10CJ3AChange Budget Document
⇒Program: SAPMKBUB
1. PS - Project System
2. IM - Investment Management
11CJ3BDisplay Budget Document
⇒Program: SAPMKBUB
1. PS - Project System
2. IM - Investment Management
3. Information Systems
12CJCOCarry Forward Project Budget
⇒Program: RBPGJA01
1. PS - Project System
2. IM - Investment Management
13CJI1Project Budget Line Items
⇒Program: RKPEP008
14CJI2Budget Line Items: Document Chain
⇒Program: RCNEP002
15CJI8Project Budget Line Items
⇒Program: RKPEP008
1. Information Systems
16CJW1EURO: Adjust Project Budget
⇒Program: RBPEWU1P
17CKMLCPMLBFMaterial Ledger Budget Cockpit
18E25MExtend Budget Billing Plan
⇒Program: RETRIGG01
19E61DDelete Budget Billing Plan
20EA11Budget Billing Invoicing
⇒Program: REAINV03
21EA12Request Budget Billing Amounts
⇒Program: REAINV04
22EA12ICRequest Budget Billing Amounts
⇒Program: REAINV04_IC
23EA57Create Budget Billing Change Doc.
⇒Program: REAINV11
24EA61EXBudget Billing Change
⇒Program: REA61EX
25EABBPArchive Budget Billing Plans
26EARDISP04Display Archive: Budget Billng Plans
27EE25Budget Billing Amounts
⇒Program: MENUEE25
28ESARA04IS-U Archiving: Budget Billing Plans
29ESARJ04Activate AS for budget billing plan
30FCOM_RULE_OYVRule for Annual Order Budget
31FM+4Display FM Budget Line Groups
32FM+5Maintain FM Budget Line Groups
33FM2EFM: Change Budget Document
⇒Program: SAPMKBUB
34FM2FFM: Display Budget Document
⇒Program: SAPMKBUB
35FM48Change Financial Budget: Initial Scn
⇒Program: PP_PSZ_RUN_T
36FM49Display Financial Budget: Init.Scrn
⇒Program: PP_PSZ_RUN_T
37FM4GBudget Structure Element Hierarchy
⇒Program: SAPMFM3M
1. Information Systems
38FM80Budget Incr. Rev. Maint. - Display
⇒Program: SAPMFCD0
39FM81Budget Incr. Rev. Maint. - Update
⇒Program: SAPMFCD0
40FM9BFM: Copy Budget Version
⇒Program: BPCOPY00
41FM9DFM: Block Budget Version
⇒Program: SAPMKBUD
42FM9EFM: Unblock Budget Version
⇒Program: SAPMKBUD
43FM9KFIFM: Change Budget Structure
⇒Program: SAPMKBUC
44FM9LFM: Display Budget Structure
⇒Program: SAPMKBUC
45FM9MFM: Delete Budget Structure
⇒Program: BPCARRT0
46FM9NFM: Generate Budget Object
⇒Program: BPCARR00
47FM9OCopy Supplement Budget
⇒Program: BPCOPY02
48FM9PReconstruct Budget Distrbtd Values
⇒Program: BPDIST01
49FM9QFM: Total Up Budget
⇒Program: BPDIST02
50FM9QBTPReconstruct Budget per Budget Type
⇒Program: BPDIST07
51FM9QBUDFM: Reconstruct Budget
⇒Program: BPDIST05
52FM9RLoc.Auth.: Change Budget Structure
⇒Program: BPCARRD0
53FM9TBUDCheck budget objects
⇒Program: BPCARRC1
54FM9UFM: Checking Budget Consistency
⇒Program: BPDIST04
55FM9WAdjust Funds Management Budget
⇒Program: RBPEWU1M
56FM9XFM: Delete Budget 1 Commitment Item
⇒Program: RFFMBUD2
57FM9ZFM: Transfer Budget Structure
⇒Program: BPCARRY01
58FM9ZA10Budget Structure Mass Processing
⇒Program: BPCARRM01
59FMABPDERIVEAuto. Budget Postings - Customizing
60FMABPDERIVERAuto. Budget Postings - Customizing
61FMAR_BCS_EDArchive Budget Entry Documents (BCS)
62FMAR_BCS_LIArchive Budget Line Item (BCS)
63FMAR_BCS_TTArchive Budget Totals Records (BCS)
64FMAR_BEArchive Budget Entry Documents
65FMAR_BHArchive Budget Hierarchy Documents
66FMAR_BTArchive Budget Totals Records
67FMBBBudgeting Workbench
68FMBIPosting Line-Based Budget Increase
⇒Program: RFFMUD01
69FMBLCOADColombia budgetary ledger derivation
70FMBLCOADRColombia budgetary ledger derivation
71FMBLCORRBudgetary Ledger Correction
72FMBOSTATMaintain budget object & status
73FMBPRETBudget data transfer
74FMBPRET_BCSBudget data transfer
75FMBSBOChange Budget Addresses
76FMBSBOHISChange History of Budget Addresses
77FMBSBOSDispay Budget Addresses
78FMBSBO_DATABudget data on invalid objects
79FMBSBO_DELDelete budget objects
80FMBSBO_GENGenerate budget objects from budget
81FMBSBO_MULTMaintain budget objects
82FMBSCPYCopy budget structure objects
83FMBSDERIBODerivation of budget object
84FMBSDERIBODELDelete strategy for budget addresses
85FMBSIDX_RECONReconstruct budget structure index
86FMBS_STATBudget Structure Settings
87FMBTBTransfer Budget Totals to FI-BL
88FMBUD001Export ISPS Budget Data
⇒Program: RFFMBUE1
89FMBUD002Import ISPS Budget Data
⇒Program: RFFMBUI1
90FMBUD003Export from Local Auth. Budget Data
⇒Program: RFFMBE25
91FMBUD004Import from Local. Auth. Budget Data
⇒Program: RFFMBI25
92FMBUDACTBudget/Actuals allowed for BL
93FMB_A01Budget Consumption View
⇒Program: RFFMREP_LDB_A01
1. Information Systems
94FMB_B01Budget View by Document Type
⇒Program: RFFMREP_LDB_B01
1. Information Systems
95FMB_B02Budget View by Process
⇒Program: RFFMREP_LDB_B02
1. Information Systems
96FMB_PL01Budget Lines Vs. Commt./Actual Line
⇒Program: RFFMREP_LDB_PL01
1. Information Systems
97FMB_PT01Budget Totals Vs. Commt./Actual Tot.
⇒Program: RFFMREP_LDB_PT01
1. Information Systems
98FMCYFREEZECopy budget data (freeze)
99FMCYLOADCopy budget data (load)
100FMCYPREPCopy budget data (preparation)
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