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MM17 SAP Transaction Code (T-code) Details

Description: Mass Maintenance: Indus. Matl Master
Program :
1. Logistics - Central Functions
2. MM - Materials Management
3. PP - Production Planning
4. QM - Quality Management

SAP Menu Path:
1. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Materials Management⇒Material Master⇒Material⇒Mass Maintenance

2. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Materials Management⇒Product Catalog⇒Environment⇒Material⇒Material⇒Mass Maintenance

3. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Production⇒Master Data⇒Material Master⇒Material⇒Mass Maintenance

4. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Production⇒KANBAN⇒Environment⇒Master Data⇒Material Master⇒Material⇒Mass Maintenance

5. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Production - Process⇒Master Data⇒Material Master⇒Material⇒Mass Maintenance

6. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Production - Process⇒Process Order⇒Environment⇒Master Data⇒Material Master⇒Material⇒Mass Maintenance

7. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Production - Process⇒Process Planning⇒Environment⇒Master data⇒Material master⇒Material⇒Mass Maintenance

8. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Quality Management⇒Quality Planning⇒Logistics Master Data⇒Material⇒Mass Maintenance

9. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Central Functions⇒Batch Management⇒Environment⇒Material Master⇒Material⇒Mass Maintenance

10. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Central Functions⇒Batch Management⇒Environment⇒Quality Planning for Material⇒Logistics Master Data⇒Material⇒Mass Maintenance

11. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Central Functions⇒Engineering⇒Material⇒Material⇒Mass Maintenance

Additional InformationContributed byPoint
Info [1]:
With MM17 tcode, we can change several material master data at once.

- We must choose the fields that we want to change, for example material group field.

- Select the materials that we want to change their material group field, assign a value to the material group field, then click "carry out mass maintenance" button and click save.

- All material group field of the materials selected before will be updated to the value that is assigned on the previous step.

rizki on 2011-01-14 12:42:172
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