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CORO SAP Transaction Code (T-code) Details

Description: Create Process Order w/o Material
Program : SAPLCOKO
1. PP - Production Planning

SAP Menu Path:
1. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Production - Process⇒Process Order⇒Process Order⇒Create⇒Without Material

2. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Production - Process⇒Process Planning⇒Requirements⇒Process order⇒Process Order⇒Create⇒Without Material

3. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Production - Process⇒Process Planning⇒Environment⇒Process management⇒Environment⇒Process Orders⇒Process Order⇒Create⇒Without Material

4. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Production - Process⇒Process Management⇒Environment⇒Process Orders⇒Process Order⇒Create⇒Without Material

5. SAP Menu⇒Logistics⇒Production - Process⇒Process Management⇒Environment⇒Process Planning⇒Requirements⇒Process order⇒Process Order⇒Create⇒Without Material

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