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SAP Customizing Implementation Guide    
-- Production    
---- Shop Floor Control    
------ Operations    
--------Schedule Background Jobs  

----------01 Create with Planned Orders - S_ALR_87003967  

----------02 Process Print Flags - S_ALR_87003958  

----------03 Background Print - S_ALR_87003796  

----------04 Process Requests for Mass Processing - S_ALR_87003783  

----------05 Determine Production Order Progress - S_ALR_87003773  

----------06 Confirmation: Componentized Processes (GR, GI, HR, Actuals) - S_ALR_87003762  

----------07 Confirmation: Fast Entry Requests - S_ALR_87003751  

----------08 Set Deletion Flag/Indicator - S_ALR_87003742  

----------09 OCM: Initiating Object Processing - S_ALR_87008968  

----------10 OCM: Procurement Element Processing - S_ALR_87008969  

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