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Define Variants (List View Function) SAP SPRO IMG activity Details

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Menu Path to Define Variants (List View Function) - S_ALR_87005353

01. SAP Customizing Implementation Guide    
02.-- Quality Management    
03.---- Quality Inspection    
04.------ List Definition    
05.-------- Define Variants (List View Function) - S_ALR_87005353  

Information about this node
Menu path level: 5
Module: Quality Management
Node Type: Implementation Guide - Activity
Text: Define Variants (List View Function)
T-code: S_ALR_87005353
Activity: OLQW-LF

More data:

OQI4VARIDUMMYDummy ObjectQA32/QA33 Inspection Lots
OQIFVARIDUMMYOLQW-LF2Dummy ObjectQVM1 Inspection Lots Without Usage Decision
OQIGVARIDUMMYDummy ObjectQVM2 Inspection Lots with Inspection Stock
OQIHVARIDUMMYOLQW-LF4Dummy ObjectQVM3 Close All Inspection Lots Completely
OQIIVARIDUMMYOLQW-LF5Dummy ObjectInspection Lots for Grouped Load Decision
OQIOVARIDUMMYDummy ObjectTable QE72 Results Recording for All Lots
OQINVARIDUMMYDummy ObjectTable QE71 Results Recording for Inspection Points
OQIPVARIDUMMYDummy ObjectTable QE73 Results Recording for Inspection Characteristic
OQI5VARIDUMMYOLQW-LF8Dummy ObjectQGC1 Control Chart for the Inspection Lot
OQI6VARIDUMMYOLQW-LF9Dummy ObjectQGC2 Control Chart for the Task List Characteristic
OQI9VARIDUMMYDummy ObjectQGC3 Control Chart for Master Inspection Characteristic
OQIJVARIDUMMYOLQW-LF4Dummy ObjectResults History
OQIVVARIDUMMYOLQW-LF4Dummy ObjectQGP1 Results History for Task List Characteristic
OQIAVARIDUMMYOLQW-LF4Dummy ObjectQDH1/QDH2 Evaluate Quality Level
OQIMVARIDUMMYOLQW-LFBDummy ObjectQD33 Delete Quality Level
OQI3VARIDUMMYDummy ObjectQPR7 Maintain Storage Data for Physical Samples
OQIKVARIDUMMYOLQW-LFCDummy ObjectQPR6 Create Physical-Sample Drawing with Reference
OQILVARIDUMMYOLQW-LFDDummy ObjectQPR5 Create Inspection Lots for Physical Samples
OQI9VARIDUMMYOLQW-LF4Dummy ObjectQGC3 Control Chart for Master Inspection Characteristic
OQIJVARIDUMMYDummy ObjectResults History

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