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How to be a contributor? One-stop SAP Reference & Collaboration

SAP, AG is a Germany software company. Its main product, SAP ERP software (formerly known as SAP R/3) is the market leader of Enterprise Resources Planning / ERP system in the world, ahead of Oracle, Microsoft, and other ERP vendors. Approximately, SAP has 75,000 customers which are various companies that spread in 120 countries.

SAP ERP software is one of the enterprise applications in SAP Business Suite product. The others are SAP Customer Relationship Management/CRM, SAP Product Life Cycle Management/PLM, SAP Supply Chain Management/SCM, and SAP Supplier Relationship Management/SRM. SAP also has some other products such as SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, etc.

With so many great products and customers of SAP, there are so many people who want to learn how to use and implement it on their SAP jobs.

The is a place for SAP communities to share, collaborate, and get reference about SAP. We realize that SAP is a very complex product and one of the largest software ever build by mankind. It's impossible for someone to master or know all of it. We know that we only know a very small portion of SAP. There are many of you who know more and better about some areas of SAP than us. We have developed this website so all of you can share your SAP knowledge, experience, tips & tricks here. By doing so, you may help someone who need that kind of information to learn SAP, solve their SAP problem, enhance their SAP system, or anything else.

There are some sections of this website where you can get SAP reference and collaborate:

  • New!!
    At this section you can find all SAP SPRO IMG (SAP configuration) activities by their description or their Transaction Code name.You can restrict the search result by areas/modules.

    On the SAP SPRO IMG activity detail page, you can find the detail information about the activity such as the t-code name (FYI, more than 99.87% SAP SPRO IMG activities have a tcode although SAP doesn’t display many of them on the screen), the SPRO menu path, the module/area name, the table/view name that will be updated when you save the configuration activity (if any), etc.

  • SAP ERP blog, formerly SAP Study Materials (
    The Integrated SAP ERP Solution Guide blog.

  • and

    Here, you can search more than 100,000 SAP transaction codes (tcodes), categorized by SAP modules, and more than 250,000 SAP tables that are available in SAP based on its name or description. You can find the additional information and links about each SAP tcode and SAP table that submitted by our members. You can also collaborate here by submitting any information and links about certain tcodes/tables that you've mastered or known well. For each collaboration you made, you will earn a point (1 to 5, based on its quality).

    At anytime, by logging in, you can see how many points that you've collected. At anytime, the top 5 collaborator's name (and his/her own website/URL that he/she filled on his/her profile) will be shown at all pages of this website. It means his/her name and website (which can be his blog, LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile/page, Twitter page, etc) are shown at more than 350,000 website pages. It can boost his/her profile and his/her website visitors and SEO score.


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