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How to be a contributor? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What's the relationship between and SAP AG as the owner of SAP trademark and copyright?

    Answer: is not affiliated with nor endorsed by SAP AG. SAP AG has the trademark and copyright of all its products such as SAP ERP, SAP SRM, SAP SCM, etc. is run by an SAP professional who has the passion to share his SAP knowledge and experience with others as he believes that the best form of learning is to share. does the best effort to respect SAP AG trademark and copyright and not to infringe any of them. invites all SAP professionals and SAP learners to contribute by sharing their SAP knowledge and experience at its website as long as the materials shared don't infringe any of SAP or other's trademark and copyright.

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  2. What does provide?

    Please visit our home page.

  3. How can we search and go to specific SAP tcode or table page?

    At SAP Tcodes section's main page, you can search any SAP tcodes based on its "tcode name", "description", or "program". If you have any clues about it, you can filter the search result based on the clues. Just type the clues at search term field.
    Search SAP Tcodes

    At SAP Tables section's main page, you can search any SAP tables based on its "table name" or "description". If you have any clues about it, you can filter the search result based on the clues. Just type the clues at search term field.
    Search SAP Tables

    After clicking the "Search T-Codes" or "Search Tables" button, you will be redirected to the search results page. The contents of the page depend on the information you enter before.
    Search SAP Tcodes Results

    If you find the tcode or table you're looking for or you're interested in, you can click the name of SAP tcode/table. You will be redirected to its details page. The detail page consists of three sections, which are the description of the tcode/table, the additional information, and the relevant links/URLs about the tcode/table. The additional information and links/URLs are contributed by users. You can also contribute here.
    SAP Tcodes Details Page

  4. What can we contribute at

    Currently, you can contribute by sharing any information, tips, and links about SAP transaction codes (Tcodes) and SAP tables at the following sections.

    At respective section, has provided the complete list of SAP tcodes and tables with its description. For each SAP tcode or table, you can:
    • Add any relevant information, such as how to use it, tips to use it, the basic concept behind it, its relationship with other tcodes or tables, or anything you think useful to others.
    • Add any relevant links/URL so people can visit it to know more about the SAP tcode or table.

  5. How to contribute at

    First of all, you have to login to be able to contribute. If you don't have the account, you can register it for free.
    You can search and go to specific SAP tcode and table page at its respective section as explained in the FAQ no.3.
    At the details page of SAP tcode/table, you can click "Add New Information" and or "Add New URL" link to contribute.
    You can write your additional information and or URL about the SAP tcode/table and then click "submit" button.
    To maintain the relevant information at and to prevent spam, all of user's contribution will be reviewed and approved by admin before it's posted at the SAP tcode/table detail page.

  6. What the advantage by contributing at

    • You can help others by sharing any additional information or links about any SAP tcodes/tables. I believe the best form of learning is to share with others. You will not lose anything but you will gain more by sharing.
    • For each approved contribution, you will get a point (1 to 5, based on its quality). The points can be used to get special bonus at a specific period of time. Currently, will give one of the SAP ebooks available at SAP Study Materials Store for the first 25 users who earn 50 points.
    • For the top 5 contributors at a specific point of time, will display their names (including their personal website link, which can be entered at the registration process or at "edit my profile" page) at every pages of It means their name and links will be displayed at more than 380,000 pages. It's a huge backlinks for your website. The website can be your blog, personal website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile/page, Twitter account, portfolio, online store, etc. It's good to promote yourself/your website here.

  7. How can I get the latest update/contribution from users?

    You can subscribe to feeds to get alert when a user contribution is approved. With so many SAP tcodes and tables, I am sure you will get new information and knowledge from other's contributions.
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The latest 10 search queries:
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- zz01 in Tcode-Name
- su01 in Tcode-Name
- su01 in Tcode-Description
- su01 in Tcode-Description

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